Comparing Optical Storage Devices with the other Storage Devices

Comparing Magnetic with Optical Storage Devices


Magnetic storage devices store the data on a magnetically coated surface.

They can generally be used many times.

They mostly have a larger storage capacity when its compared to the optical storage device.

The main disadvantage is that the data held on these can be damaged if the device is put too close to a strong magnetic field such as a loudspeaker.


Optical storage devices are read by a laser beam.

Generally they have a more limited storage capacity when compared to magnetic devices.

However, one advantage is that they are more hard wearing than magnetic devices.

Its more stable than the magnetic, but it depends on its lifetime.

the disadvantage is that the optical storage devices needs a burner and re-burner to use it.

Comparing Solid State Drive (SSD) with Optical Storage Devices

Solid State Drive (SSD)
Its more durable than the optical storage device
it processes data much faster than the optical
it is more portable than the Optical.
its not as sensitive, compared to the optical


it has a higher storage capacity, compared to the SSD.
it is cheaper than the SSD.
the disadvantage is that it requires and burner and re burner to use the Optical device.
it doesn't last as long, compared to the Solid state drive