Advantages of Solid State Storage Device

1. Faster startup because there is no spin-up required.

2. Far faster than conventional disks.

3. Faster boot and application launch time when hard disk seeks are the limiting factor.

4. Somewhat longer lifetime – Flash storages typically has a data lifetime of 10 years before it stops working.

5. Security – allowing a very quick scan of all data stored.

6. Some of the storage devices are waterproof

external image centon-waterproof-flash-drive.jpg

Disadvantages of Solid State Storage Devices

1. Price – Flash memory prices are still considerably higher per gigabyte than those of comparable conventional hard drives.

2. Vulnerability to certain types of effects, including abrupt power loss, magnetic fields and electric/static charges compared to normal hard disk drives.

3. Limited writes cycles. Typical Flash storage will typically wear out after 100,000-300,000 write cycles, while high endurance Flash storage is often marketed with endurance of 1–5 million write cycles

4. Slow random write speeds – as erase blocks on SSDs generally are quite large, they're far slower than conventional disks for random writes.

external image SD%20Memory%20Card%20(4GB).jpg