This wiki is being set up by the students of Bishop Mackenzie International School, Lilongwe, Malawi. It will be a collaborative online project that will help the form IV's learn more about computer theory. It will also be used by this years Form V's in order to help them with their revision for the IGCSE exams in May.
It may grow to be something more. Lets wait and see. If you would like to check out my blogon whats going on at BMIS in ICT please feel free to do so. Feel free to contact me with anyb ideas or thoughts you have. If you would like to see the pages created by your respective son or daughter please click on student details and you can find their work from there


Mr. O Loughlin (HOD)

The theory paper is divided into 7 main sections. Please click on the setion you wish to visit

Section 1 Types and Components of Computer Systems

Section 2 Input and Output Devices

Section 3 Storage Devices and Media

Section 4 Computer Networks

Section 5 Data Types

Section 6 The effects of Using ICT

Section 7 The ways in which ICT is used

Section 8 System Analysis and Design